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After 25 years (that much really?!) Beauty and the Beast hits theaters again, TODAY!

It is a live action movie which blends amazing computer graphics to real life actors, if you have seen any preview it’s going to be HUGE: there’s so much for your eyes to enjoy!
I hardly believe you escaped the massive promotion around the movie, but just in case… Beauty and the Beast official site is here.

Nevertheless, I won’t be ranting about how impressed I am about glimpses of the movie, nor how much I’m eager to be at theater and feast my eyes on it, nor how many times I have been singing as loud as I can “I WANT ADVENTURE IN THE GREAT WILD SOMEWHERE” since I was about twelve, etc. etc…

This post is about how much I love Beauty and the Beast – even the endless first novel from Villeneuve. There’s something that truly tugs at my heart about it: maybe it’s Belle’s independence, kindness and loyalty, but mostly is the reforming Prince Adam from Disney’s version that fascinates me. Plus it feeds a bookworm’s heart to have a prince donating an entire library as love gift.


Loving so much the script (and the dreamy soundtrack) from the 1992 Disney’s movie and being an over-imaginative child at the time and an illustrator at present, you might well imagine how I enjoyed the frenzy around the new movie! The web is packed with wonderful illustrations, fan-art and whatever Beauty and the Beast might inspire and so is the kidlit market. You only have to type a few #s to loose eyes and time on them, I personally made a point not to search Beauty and the Beast on Pinterest. Ah!


Could I spare the world of my contribute? Of course not!
And while I’ve been posting on socials my Beauty and the Beast doodles, I made up my mind to celebrate the movie with this post where you’ll find gathered my illustrations on the subject and this gif I made:


More doodles, WIP videos and pics, sketches and such can be found on my Facebook Page and Instagram.

I’m thinking to take my love and these early stage illustrations into a book project, so do stay tuned for news.

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