You got to love fall

October is an amazing month in every doodler’s life!

It has a fair amount of sunny days, long enough light hours and the most amazing palette of the year!

On my early mornings errands I get to cross the city river twice and walk through both sides of Turin’s most beautiful park, Valentino. Each day, whether sunny or not, starts with soft chills (omens for Winter is Coming) and a light fog coming from the river, but by the time I sit at my desk the sun is warm and the air has that slightly golden hue. Also crossing a park means bumping into all shades of leaves and so walk through all shades from grey/blue to green/gold and red/purple.

Can you possibly be impervious to all this beauty?

To me September through November is that time of the year when I sit and make big plans, have ideas for stories to write os scribble, and generally I’m hungry to do things. I’m not sure if this frenzy has to do with any circadian/natural cycle, the kids going back to school or being October one of the most inspirational months for all creative people.

And then: HALLOWEEN!

I love Halloween and its ancient tradition, fancy costumes, spooky jokes and challenges to fears. Italian’s tradition for Ognissanti is slightly more creepy than the cheerful “Trick or Treat” thing, yet as a Children’s Illustrator I cannot be happier for a chance to draw little monsters and such.

Celebrate fall, October and Halloween with me!

Here is a Halloween themed 1920×1080 wallpaper for you to download. Pick yours with or without October calendar.

click to save 1920×1080 Halloween wallpaper
click to save 1920×1080 Halloween wallpaper calendar

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