“Cap o’Rushes” for Storytime Magazine

Storytime Magazine issue 57 photo credit Storytime

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to illustrate a fairytale for Storytime Magazine.

A huge emotion and personal + professional goal for more than a reason: I’ve always wanted to work for Storytime, and they trusted me to illustrate an incredible story.
Cap o’Rushes tell a Cinderella like story but with a clever twist wich is awesome. Our heroine faces her adventure with kindness and perseverance, she is kind yet strong, a great model to refer to.

Cap o’Rushes

I fell for her immediately and started thinking how to draw her like a true princess without forgetting her cleverness, plus she was to be desguised under a cape made of shrubberies, which was artistically intriguing.
As I always do, everything started on my sketchbook, with some quick character sketch and ideas, plus a colour test to decide mood and palette.

Storytime is a wondeful magazine, it’s quality is superb (see flip-through video below), contents and design are amazing just like people working for it.

Storytime Magazine issue 57 video and photo credit Storytime

Thank you Storytime for trusting me, looking forward our next adventure!

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