Le Loup et le Cardinal – Editions Goelette/ Coup d’Oel, Quebec

The opening of picture book "Le Loup et le Cardinal" Editions Goelette/ Coup d'Oel, Quebec Author: Valérie GagnéPublished by: Les Éditions Coup d'oeil - Petites lectures2020-10-29ISBN : 978-2-89768-963-6 Nox est un loup solitaire. Aucun autre membre de son espèce n'habite sur la montagne Boréale. Nox n'est pas malheureux seul, mais il s'ennuie parfois ... jusqu'au jour où… Continue reading Le Loup et le Cardinal – Editions Goelette/ Coup d’Oel, Quebec


Buy from raffaello TUTTI A TAVOLA Pubblicato da Raffaello nella collana Be Happy Leggi la storia, gioca e conosci il cibo 4-7 ANNI - il corpo e i sensiUn puzzle con cui giocare ad apparecchiare la tavola e conoscere il cibo. Più un libro con tanti istruttivi giochi e una storia con protagonista due insoliti… Continue reading TUTTI A TAVOLA

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic Fairy Tales Published by IglooBooks Buy from Igloobooks Discover five classic fairy tales in this magical treasury. Find out what happens when Rapunzel lets down her hair, a mermaid walks on land and much more. With spellbinding illustrations, this is a collection to read again and again. Cased… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast


Published by FindenA classic retold with a twist! We all know about this beautiful, generous and kind girl and the magical journey from her miserable life, with a heartless stepmother and greedy stepsisters, to happiness and love. But what happens after? What if after the prince rescues her from her cruel family, Cinderella rescues him… Continue reading Cinderella

Kate is so, SO Mad!

Kate Is so, SO Mad!  For kids in picturebooks aren't always happy. They are, sometimes, mad at their siblings, just like in real life. A story that teaches how to overcome rage and frustration with the help of those who love us. A positive approach to angry emotions. BUY FROM ROURKE "Kate is mad. Boiling… Continue reading Kate is so, SO Mad!

Tug! Tug! and Lots of Spots – Maverick Books

Tug! Tug! and Lots of Spots (Early Reader) written by Jenny Jinks 15x21cm - 32pp Publication Date: May 2018 Book Band: Pink It is a joy and a privilege to illustrate educational books, plus it is always fun to work on adventurous impossible things. See more books from Maverick Books Early Readers series: