Resources List for making Children’s Books

Have you written a children’s book you wish to self publish?

You have a munuscript ready for the market?

Do you want to write for kids but don’t know where to start?

Here is a list of resources I found on the web.

Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrator

This is where to start if you want to write and/or illustrate kidlit: a community of likeminded sharing expertise and journey.

The Bookseller

Everything happening in publishing market

Bologna Children’s Books Fair

It’s an annual event gathering worldwide industry, browsing exporistors’ catalogue you’ll get acquainted with the market and get precious info.

The AOI Association of Illustrators

Learn about licensing, contract, negotiation, fair trade …

‘Can you illustrate my book?’ Some tips for writers approaching illustrators

by Sarah McIntyre

Sarah is also the precious voice behind #PICTUREMEANBUSINESS, do check:

Elisabeth Dulemba insightful, exaustive and complete article on hiring an illustrator for self publishing


More from Elisabeth Dulemba:

How Do I get Published

Illustrating Self Published Books

From Dulemba’s page this useful video from illustrator Will Terry!

General resources for writers:

And a few books everyone wanting to storytell should read:

The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art