Welcome to my sketchbook! Here you’ll find work in progress, ideas, sketches, experiments and portfolio development pieces.
A glimpse into my making artwork process and doodles…

Playing around with a new Character

Took a littel time off to draw something without purpose, just for the pleasure to let my hand and brain wander and played around with these friends.
Guess we all have favourites places and characters we love to go to, things that belong to that mixture of books, movies and art blended into each personal taste and style, and you can easily guess mines.

"Howl's moving castle" by Diana Wynne Jones
Book cover concept, personal piece.

“Howl’s Moving Castle”

by Diana Wynne Jones
Book cover concept, personal piece.

I love reading middle grade and young adult fiction, keeping up with market trends and catch up with those few gems I missed as a kid.
Howl’s Moving Castle was one of those, and now the whole trilogy is on my to read list.
Since the release of Studio Ghibli’s amazing movie, it’s hard to move from the beautiful world depicted by master Miyazaki; yet the book has its own life: intriguing, magical and a more intimate dimension.
I am looking forward to read the remaining two books and possibly draw some more illustrations, please now dive into my sketchbook with the making of this one.

In 2019 I partecipated to the artists online challenge known as Inktober.

It’s been my first and only time partecipating wih all 31 drawings, here are all my entries.

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