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This is Daniela, a children’s books illustrator.

I’ve always wanted to make a living out of storytelling, and since childhood I’ve been a passionate doodler and book-worm.
My career started as in house illustrator and graphic designer, the passion for storytelling though, led me to pursue a career as freelance illustrator in 2011.
Since then I illustrated many books, puzzles, cards, toys and lots of lovely things; working alongside international publishers into developing awesome projects. Also I write short stories for kids magazines too, and am currently developing picture books stories.

I graduated from Torino’s Fine Arts Academy with a Bachelor Fine Arts degree and a MSc in Visual Communication. Studied art, illustration and animation, learning storytelling through pictures.

I work mostly digitally in bold colours and painterly style, at ease with both vectors and raster illustrations. Love to work traditionally and mixing media, when schedule allows for experiments (which I love), colour pencils and pastels being my favourite medium.

Positive and passionate, I’m prone to daydreaming, inspired by everything around us, and always at the lookout for a challenging, whimsical project!

I love to work for and with children: do school workshops for primary and kinder-garden.
When not doodling/writing/reading, I enjoy time with my family, the outdoors and my beautiful Torino.

Please, feel free to contact me with any job query or just to say Ciao!

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You can find my portfolio on:
Children’s Illustrator: childrensillustrator.com/danieladogliani
Ultra-Book: danidogliani.ultra-book.com

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