About me

DD_marzo2018Since childhood I’ve been a passionate doodler and book-worm, and still am!

I graduated at Torino’s Fine Arts Academy with a MSc in Visual Arts and Communication, and studied Art, Illustration, Comics, Cinema and Animation.

I worked as in house illustrator/designer and Art Director for adv agencies before embracing freelancing and leap into Children’s Book Market.

My collaborations span from Picture Books to Educational and I had the pleasure to work  alongside international publishers in developing books from concept to shelves, embracing challenging, lovely, funny and awesome projects.

I love all things KidLit and to work for and with children doing school workshops for primary and kinder-garden. When not doodling/writing/reading, I enjoy my family, the outdoors and my beautiful Torino.

Please feel free to contact me with any job query – I’m open for private commissions too  – or just to say Hello!

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