Fan-art fan-love

I love to dwell into my favourite things (books, movies, series, comics…), like everyone, but being an over-imaginative big girl I tend to wander a little too much.
Frequently reading a book or watching a serie I get stuck into that world, crave for more, re-read and re-watch.

Recently I discovered the pleasure to do fan-art as a way to keep dwelling in those worlds and to try and give my interpretation of characters and stories behind them.
Also fan-art is helpful to test skills and tools as you can work on a ready-made brief and have loads of references.

Maybe you have those watercolour brushes you wanted to try, or draw for a more mature target for a change, or just exercise without the pressure to get an actual job. Which is refreshing, distracting and more often will surprise you by enabling paths and abilities you long forgot or didn’t know were even there.
Some will remain just exercises, other might end up like strong portfolio pieces.

Here are a few of my tries.

Please share your thoughts and suggest new inspirations.


Be my Guest

After 25 years (that much really?!) Beauty and the Beast hits theaters again, TODAY!

It is a live action movie which blends amazing computer graphics to real life actors, if you have seen any preview it’s going to be HUGE: there’s so much for your eyes to enjoy!
I hardly believe you escaped the massive promotion around the movie, but just in case… Beauty and the Beast official site is here.

Nevertheless, I won’t be ranting about how impressed I am about glimpses of the movie, nor how much I’m eager to be at theater and feast my eyes on it, nor how many times I have been singing as loud as I can “I WANT ADVENTURE IN THE GREAT WILD SOMEWHERE” since I was about twelve, etc. etc…

This post is about how much I love Beauty and the Beast – even the endless first novel from Villeneuve. There’s something that truly tugs at my heart about it: maybe it’s Belle’s independence, kindness and loyalty, but mostly is the reforming Prince Adam from Disney’s version that fascinates me. Plus it feeds a bookworm’s heart to have a prince donating an entire library as love gift.


Loving so much the script (and the dreamy soundtrack) from the 1992 Disney’s movie and being an over-imaginative child at the time and an illustrator at present, you might well imagine how I enjoyed the frenzy around the new movie! The web is packed with wonderful illustrations, fan-art and whatever Beauty and the Beast might inspire and so is the kidlit market. You only have to type a few #s to loose eyes and time on them, I personally made a point not to search Beauty and the Beast on Pinterest. Ah!


Could I spare the world of my contribute? Of course not!
And while I’ve been posting on socials my Beauty and the Beast doodles, I made up my mind to celebrate the movie with this post where you’ll find gathered my illustrations on the subject and this gif I made:


More doodles, WIP videos and pics, sketches and such can be found on my Facebook Page and Instagram.

I’m thinking to take my love and these early stage illustrations into a book project, so do stay tuned for news.

Happy 2017!


It’s the most wonderful time when a new year starts and so does yet another adventure!

I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays, had time of cheers, joy and cuddles.

To a booming 2017!