Can you Illustrate my Book?

Sometime I get asked by aspiring authors or self publishing authors to illustrate their books, ideas, projects. I try to always give accurate replies but Kidlit is a tricky path. So I collected a few useful resources online (there are billions more, keep searching) into this post and into a resources list page: here. SocietyContinue reading “Can you Illustrate my Book?”

“Cap o’Rushes” for Storytime Magazine

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to illustrate a fairytale for Storytime Magazine. A huge emotion and personal + professional goal for more than a reason: I’ve always wanted to work for Storytime, and they trusted me to illustrate an incredible story. Cap o’Rushes tell a Cinderella like story but with a clever twistContinue reading ““Cap o’Rushes” for Storytime Magazine”

International Firefighters day 2019

Saturday May 4th is the international Firefighters day! We are all very grateful to this incredibly brave and generous men which guard and protect our lives everywhere, the fascination they exert on children around the world is more than earned! I had the pleasure to work on a card game featuring 7 different French FirefightersContinue reading “International Firefighters day 2019”

Literary Classics Seal of Approval

A small post to celebrate “What if Dinosaurs Were Pink?” winning the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Just around Christmas, author Jarrett Whitlow shared with me the news about his book “What if Dinosaurs Were Pink” (illustrated by me) winning the Gold Seal of approval from Literary Classics. READ FULL REVIEW HERE. Such a ChristmasContinue reading “Literary Classics Seal of Approval”